My weekly experiences

See you in 5 months Amsterdam!

After a very short night of sleep, I collected my last things and dragged down my too heavy suitcases as Pim got the car. At the airport the suitcases were indeed too heavy but the very nice KLM lady “saw it through her fingers”. Very slowly we proceeded to customs as we both just realized that this was really going to happen. After a few kisses and hugs, and then another few kisses and hugs and.., just one last kiss and hug I went through the gate. Well, that went pretty smooth! No tears… yet.

But then, sitting at the gate reality kicks in and by the time I stumble into the airplane my tears almost cause a flood. After an hour or two I finally ease down a little and I fall into a deep sleep.

When I arrive at Atlanta airport, everything goes surprisingly smooth and before I know it I am at the car rental place. As I look besides me I have to blink my eyes twice as I see the other two trainees who are in Atlanta office standing there arranging for a car. I instantly light up at this very welcome coincidence. We drink a coffee and then I head to LaGrange being exhausted. That was the hardest part, now let the adventure begin!!!


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