My weekly experiences

Can you please take the car to work?

Since last weekend I am living in my temporary permanent house in LaGrange. It is pretty neat as it has there is a pool, a gym and the appartment is bigger than the one I used to live in in The Hague. It was less neat when a big cockroach (yes they live here… a LOT) scared the living sh*t out of me but that’s another story. I made my new home comfortable and spent an impressive amount of money at the Starbucks on good coffee, a coffee machine and an all american coffee cup (yeah the one with the lit on top).

Since my home is only 0.9 miles from work (yes that is a 2 minute drive) I figured I could walk every day to automatically get some excercise. So on Monday I went out and walked to work in the lovely sun and it felt pretty good! Unfortunately my collegues were not too amused with my fabulous idea and by the end of the day, Jeff (the operations director), called me into the office and asked me: can you please just take the car to work, it is not safe enough. Allthough I was a little annoyed in the beginning, I really appreciated the fact that everyone was looking out for me.

I found out that Lance, a collegue of mine, is also very much into healthy/good food and he showed me the farmers market. The vegetables and fruits are cheaper but also much tastier than in the normal supermarket I go to. It keeps surprising me how little knowledge people have, or want to have, on food. (Having some lettuce on your hamburger does not make your meal healthy…)


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