My weekly experiences

First week in LaGrange

I am glad when it’s monday and I can finally start my project at Fokker Aerotron. I immediately feel welcome and part of the team. I love that I have the opportunity to experience the southern (work)culture. My work space is just as I had seen in the American movies: an actual cubicle!!

I signed up at the local gym Towne Fitness to (1) stay fit and (2) have people around me after work. They have Les Mills group lessons that are a lot of fun. One of my collegues Debbie actually takes three lessons a day… I suspect that her bed is somewhere in the gym as well.

On Thursday I meet with the guys of Atlanta office for a BBQ. Friday I head for Atlanta where we have diner with a bunch of Dutchies and go to the Braves game (softball). This is quite a different experience from a game in the Netherlands: eating and drinking is just as important as the game itself and the amount of (commercial) breaks in the game is impressive. Also, unlike in Holland, people from the rivalling teams were actually able to sit together without smashing each others head. Very peaceful. Our cheering must have helped as the Braves won that night.

Go Braves!


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