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Project PuMa (Week 4)

On Wednesday Paul (the big boss) and Sander (big boss Procurement) arrive at Fokker Aerotron. I have an opportunity to get their point of view on my project as well which helps me a lot. On Friday, when Sander and Paul are gone I have a good idea on how I am going to proceed with my project. I decide I want to discuss with my collegue Stacey on the best way to move forward. At the end of the week I had a good set-up for the project, I’d made sure that the director operations backed it up, I assembled the team and I came up with a project name. Last thing for today was to send out an invitation for the kick-off of:

Operation PuMa
Seize every opportunity

Besides having a good week at work, I have a lot to do during the evenings as well: On Wednesday I have diner and a beer with Paul and Sander at Mare Sol in LaGrange. On Thursday I am invited to the farewell party of one of the trainees Jelle (who was at Atlanta office) at the Italian restaurant Sotto Sotto. It is always nice to meet new collegues from other business units.

On Friday evening I am heading for Atlanta to have drinks with Dutch collegues. Before I go I need to pick up my licence registration at work (It is on my desk..) I enter the building and while I do know the code of the alarm, I cannot find where to turn it off… GREAT! After ten minutes I manage to turn the annoying noise off with help of Stacey on the phone. Feeling a little stupid but content that I have what I came for I head for Atlanta. The night is great and at 3 A.M. I fall a sleep in my bed in LaGrange where I stay until 12 A.M on Saturday and do absolutely nothing the rest of the day. Enjoying the weekend!


4 gedachtes over “Project PuMa (Week 4)

  1. Margot zegt:

    Hee Caroline,
    Klinkt heel leuk wat je allemaal ervaart. Veel succes met alles en het gaat je vast en zeker allemaal lukken! Trouwens, waar staat PuMa voor? xx Your Auntie Margot.


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