My weekly experiences

Week 5!

My work is getting busier and I feel like I am doing the right things with Operation PuMa. I failed to tell what PuMa stands for in the last post: Purchasing & Materials. The operation focusses on optimizing the processes at the Procurement/Buying and Inventory department. My approach is partly to identify, together with the people working in the department, all possible improvements, prioritize them and turn them into projects or “just-do-its”. On Tuesday I had my kick-off and Thursday my first brainstorm session with the group. We got some great ideas and I am curious to see what we will come op with in our second brainstorm session next week. I love that the people at Aerotron are eager to improve the business and are willing to work with me on this operation, it makes my job so much fun!

Operation PuMa logo

Operation PuMa, Seize every opportunity

At the gym they have a new 30 minute terror lesson at 6 in the morning. I love it as it is short, a kick-start of the working day and my muscles feel very… VERY painfull afterwards. Impact/Effort is awesome!

On Friday I head for the airport as I will be spending my Labor Day weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma with my dear friend Pien, her husband and a bunch of their friends. Looking very much forward to this relaxed weekend.


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