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Meanwhile in Amsterdam… (Week 6)

We had a short week at work because of Labor Day. On Tuesday I had my second brainstorm and we came up with a lot of new possibilities to optimize the procesess at Aerotron. This is a great start to analyze the possibilities, prioritize them and choose the highest impact projects.

On Thursday my sister facetimes me and when we hang up we realize that we talked for two hours. Piek (as I call her) texts me the next day that she is exhausted as it was 2 A.M. for her when we ended our call. I really miss our weekly runs, diners, talks and laughs.

I have nothing planned for the weekend and as I’ve been really lazy this week with respect to my workouts, I plan a long run for the Saturday. I start the day with a coffee and facetime my parents and sister. Mum and dad just planned a trip to Atlanta in November and I’m really looking forward to that. I especially like that they will be here on my birthday. After some breakfast I weapon myself with headphones, water and running shoes and start my run. After 3 miles I really need to walk for a while because of the heat. The rest of my run is walk/run/walk/run. When I arrive back at my home I wonder why I am so exhausted. As I look my run up I find out that I ran almost 8 miles (12,7 km) at 34 degrees (96 in USA). That explains…
I decide to take an Indian Pale Ale and drive to the lake where I relax for a bit. Love it. On Sunday I endulge myself by baking bacon cheese croissants and then head for the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta for some serious shopping.

In the meanwhile in Amsterdam: Pim got the key to our new appartment. At this point, I wish I was in Amsterdam to celebrate this special moment with my boyfriend. Especially because it’s been exactly a year ago that we found each other. It’s been such an amazing year. In the weekend Pim and his stepdad work at the house and it’s starting to look beautiful. Something to look forward to when I come back!!


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