My weekly experiences

Time flies when you’re having fun! (2 months)

Time flies when you’re having fun: I can’t believe I’m here in LaGrange for two months now. I am starting to really see the subtle differences in (southern) American culture and the Dutch. I’m amazed what an impact this has in an International company where people from different countries have to work together. Misallignment, perceptions, miscommunication are just one of the things I’ve seen happening. Learning to be sensitive to these differences is just one of the things that are extremely valuable in my USA experience.

Stacey and I have been working as a team the last few weeks together with Sander in the Netherlands. We’ve been working on identifying our total portfolio and analyze where we spend our money. I will not go too deep into detail on this project other than we had some great results we were able to present to the management and are ready to move forward. I feel good about our teamwork and how we were able to work well with the Netherlands.

Of course on Thursday we have our Sushi lunch again, this time with Lance and Matt (our controller). Lance decides to be very anti social as he is on a teleconference the entire lunch but I have Matt to talk with. I like these two guys as they are young and fun. Besides that, they are great to have some good discussions with.

It is a busy week for Aerotron as the boss Fokker Services (Peter), our boss (Paul), Fokker technologies compliance boss (Andre) and consultant (Jon) visit. All went well and I liked that I had the opportunity to get to know Peter better as we went for dinner with the Dutch people.

It’s been quite some week with a lot of learning moments, ups and downs. I plan nothing for the weekend other than relax (part of this relaxation is going to Diva Nails for a “deluxe pedicure”), workout and drive up to Atlanta to meet Rob for some serious beer drinking.


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