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Savage Race! (Week 9)

My work at Aerotron is busy with the projects I am doing for operation PuMa. On Thursday another Dutchie arrives at the facility: Ramon who is salesmanager for Fokker Services. We go out for a steak in the evening at Longhorns. It’s nice to get to know more Fokker collegues and learn about their work.

On Friday I go to bed early as I’ve signed up for the Savage Race (6 mile mudrun up in Dallas Georgia) the next day. I haven’t particularly been working out more than usual for this so I’m getting a little nervous about this event. On Saturday I drive up to Newnan where I meet the guys I’m doing the race with. Allthough this is the first time I actually meet these people I immediately like them. We start the race at 12:40 and as it turns out, I’m in better shape than my teammates. The race is so much fun and when we cross the finish line all muddy I feel awesome. We take a “shower” and put on our Savage Race t-shirt and medal. We end the event with a nice cold Sweetwater beer.

On Sunday I feel like I’ve used up all my energy during the race and decide to do absolutely nothing besides going for a coffee at the Starbucks.



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