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Quiet before the storm – Week 11

It’s a quiet week at Aerotron for some reason. For me it’s a week of preparing for some pilots and actual implementations for the projects in my Operation PuMa. It’s now time to stop analyzing and start doing it. It’s  a perfect timing as I’m halfway through my project in the USA and I’ve planned a vacation next week. On Friday I have my mid-term and we all feel that the project is going in the right direction. Allthough I did miss some action this week I think I will have plenty of it when we start implementing.

I decided I don’t like being in LaGrange all week as it can be pretty boring. So on Wednesday I drive up to Atlanta to meet with Rob. As I’m starting to get really lazy in my work-outs I suggested we’d go running over the Beltline first followed by a nice meal and wine in the pub next to Rob’s house. While we execute this fantastic idea it becomes painfully obvious that I’m in a very bad shape as Rob keeps chatting to me while I’m almost dying. Whoops! Gotta get rid of that lazy fat again! The wine and food afterwards taste amazing and with a content feeling I head back to LaGrange. Definitaly going to do this more often!

On Friday I wake up with a very excited feeling as my boyfriend will arrive at the end of the day. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I came here to be honest.  We plan for going to, Atlanta, Helen (to see the beautiful Georgia fall and go to Oktoberfest) and end the week with some music and excitement in New Orleans. More on this in my next post!!


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