Almond Butter
I found this hand crafted Almond butter on the Grant park Farmersmarket. It is healthier than peanut butter but I also like the taste better. The unsalted and unsweetened variant actually tastes best. Unfortunately it is an expensive product but hey… YOLO!


Delicious, easy, healthy foods
Eating healthy is easy in the US because the fruit and vegetables are mostly grown here. Unfortunately a lot of sugar and other flavor enhancers are added to the food which does make it more difficult to buy the right stuff. (Even the whole wheat bread tastes sweet to me). I have made myself some pretty nice dishes that only need little preparation time.

Work it!
As I am not a fan of running on a tred mill I was happy to find out a good running spot in LaGrange. Shame that I have to drive there (driving a car to do your work out just seems a little off)

My favourite start of a Weekend morning
My favourite thing is to wake up in the weekend, go for a morning work-out, head for the farmersmarket and get myself a load of vegetables, fruit, nuts and other goodies. As a reward for my work in the morning I make myself a good breakfast, a cup of coffee and then just enjoy the morning, preferably in the sunshine.

Morning sunshine makes my start of the day  


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