Gotta love the USA

Things that keep surprising me or I just find funny

  • People taking McDonalds for breakfast, every day
  • Continuous refill of your soft drink. Too bad they don’t do the same with your beers
  • The waitress apologizing for the “small” steak because “normally it’s bigger”. Wauw… really?
  • The HOV-lane: you may use this lane when carrying more people in your car. As the lane is less crowded you’ll avoid the traffic jams in rush hour.
  • People saying “hello, how are you today?” So much better than the grumpiness in Dutch (grocery)stores.
  • As long as your lawn is mowed, you’re good!
  • People helping you with packing your groceries in thousand bags. When I wanted to put the groceries in my own bag, the lady wasn’t sure how to handle this situation.
  • Why walk when you can drive your supermart chart?
  • Drive through ATM, drive through pharmacy, drive through starbucks – you really do not have to burn any calories during the day.
  • Laziness while filling up your car at the gas station; no need for holding the nozzle
  • Beautiful nature
  • Leaving parts of your car, or even the entire car at the side of the highway
  •  Always take your boat, always… everywhere…

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