My weekly experiences

Christmas Rock Opera – WEIRD!

On Tuesday mum and dad go back to the Netherlands with twice as much luggage as when they came here. Not because they bought anything here, but I on the otherhand very much did.

On Wednesday I drive up to Atlanta to Sandra to go to a Music kind of thing together with some other people. We actually have no idea what we can expect but it’s going to be fun anyway. As we sit down in the enormous hall the music starts. We look at each other and almost burst out in laughter. We are looking at men with electric guitars waving their long (but shiny) hair, a woman playing an electric violoin, a Christmas story teller, some provocative dancing women, lightshows BUT we are listening to pretty religious lyrics. The best I could describe this experience : Weird. Thanks Sandra for a good laugh!

My weekly experiences

Week 19 – Savannah

My parents are travelling around while I’m going into my last weeks of working at Fokker Aerotron. I’m currently in the phase of finalizing my projects at Fokker Aerotron and I’m feeling confident of the work we have done.  Although I had some challenges at Fokker Aerotron I enjoyed how I was able to work close together with the people and make some good improvements to the business. I definitely learned a lot during this project!

Some impressions of the week/ my work at Aerotron:

On Saturday very early in the morning, after getting my shot of coffee at the Starbucks, I drive up to Savannah to meet with my parents. Arriving in this gorgeous city I wonder WHY I didn’t go here earlier. The city feels like Europe and the people are young and hipster like. I absolutely love this city. It’s the perfect ending of these two weeks with my parents in the USA.

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Trips around Georgia

At the 25th of November my parents arrive at Atlanta Airport. I’m very excited to have them here and travel around in the weekends with them. I had the opportunity to see some new places but also introduce my family to the “folks” at Fokker Aerotron.


Dahlonega – Wine tasting and Thanksgiving dinner at amazing Montaluce.

Chattanooga – Ruby falls and wining, wining, wining and dining.

Jack Daniels distillery – Fun but did discover that I definitaly prefer the Scottish whisky.

Nashville – Celebrating my birthday at the home of the country music. Love this city!

My weekly experiences

Southern hospitality – Week 15

Things are going steady at work as we are running the projects. After my workout Friday I head up to Atlanta to celebrate the weekend with a beer. I don’t go to bed late because Jeff invited me to their family get together on Saturday at their house. Southern hospitality!

When I arrive at their lovely house in the country (lots of space!) I immediately get a warm welcome from Jeff, his wife and… their dog Sandy! Walking into the garden I notice a collection of guns and guess what: they are there for me to try! I have to get used to this sight and I must admit being a little nervous to actually fire one of those units. We build up the guns (easy to heavy) and it’s actually fun to try and hit the target. We end with shooting skeets and I’m amazed that I actually hit quite a few (and so is everyone else).

We drink some beers, have a lovely dinner and hang out by the fire with the family. Jeremy, who I ran the mudrun with a few weeks ago, is also present and its so nice to see him again. It was such an amazing day and after all those new adventures I sleep like a baby.

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Week 13 & 14 – STORM!

Things have been busy after Pim left which is why this post is pretty … PRETTY late.

I started up some pilots (see earlier posts) and we’re optimizing as we go. It’s looking pretty good but we’ll start seeing some actual results in week 15. I’m able to implement some typical lean principles and they seem to work in the improvement process. Besides working with the buyers, I’m learning about, and working on inventory optimization. The typical principles for inventory optimization mainly apply to manufacturing businesses where high volumes of the same parts are used and a high predictability applies. As Fokker Aerotron is in the MRO business (broad range of parts, low predictability), I need to come up with different ways of optimizing our inventory processes. Challenging but definitaly a good challenge.

Besides my renewed energy in work, I have renewed energy in going to the gym. I work out as much as I can right after work and it feels good. This is probably also the reason for my late post.

On Thursday, week 14, I arranged a Fokker Aerotron ladies night out at the Brickhouse where we had some good laughs. On Friday I went up to the Fokker location up in Atlanta (FSI) to check out their processes and get to know some of the people there. Of course, on Friday night, I drive up to Atlanta again where Rob and I have diner and drinks (a lot) at our favourite bar Barcelona. There are some great costumes to see as it is Halloween. The rest of the weekend I’m in slowmotion mode doing stuff like chillin’ at my new fav coffee bar Dancin’ Goats, FaceTime Pim and mum&dad, chillin’ Some more and then end the weekend with… Chillin’. Ready for week 15!!