Hi there!

I am Caroline and Management Trainee at the dutch Aerospace company Fokker Technologies. Our 4th trainee assignment is a 6 month project at one of the Fokker companies abroad. I hoped mine would be in the USA and guess what?! I got what I wanted because my project was at Fokker Aerotron in LaGrange Georgia. I was going to experience the real southern culture and why not share those experiences on a blog?!

So here it is, my first blog. But as it turns out I also wanted to post stuff about good food, work-outs, favorite spots to wine and dine, must goes in the US and anything else that pops up in my mind. It’s become my own lifestyle blog/diary/whatever-you-like-to-name-it blog. Want to go right to my experiences? Click here: Blog


P.S. Tips and tricks on any subject are more than welcome, especially the ones on definite ‘go-to-places’.

Van Skitch


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